Open Position-Intership (Idiap)

2012-04-12 08:08 by Deepu Vijayasenan

Novel approaches to ad-hoc microphone array processing

Idiap Research Institute seeks an intern beginning June 2012, for a fixed period of six months, to work on novel approaches to ad-hoc microphone array processing. The internship is funded by the Marie-Curie training network SCALE.


The concept of microphone arrays is well established, with multiple microphones arranged in typically regular patterns, able to dynamically focus on different areas of a scene. Given a microphone topology, delay-and-sum and super-directive (for example) beam-forming algorithms follow easily. More recently, the concept of ad-hoc arrays has attracted attention. An ad-hoc array is one where the microphones are not necessarily in a regular pattern; they may be clustered or random, and may even be asynchronous. Such patterns arise from more physical or aesthetic limitations.


One recent research focus in signal processing has been to take advantage of methods based on sparse assumptions. Such methods seek a typically high dimensional signal representation where signals of interest occupy a small subspace. The methods are powerful in their ability to solve underdetermined problems. In the SCALE project at Idiap, methods based on sparsity have been used successfully to solve microphone array problems.


The successful candidate will begin by applying methods developed under SCALE to microphone array problems on real databases. The focus will be to characterise and evaluate new and promising techniques. Depending upon the candidate, the work could then progress either experimentally to compare and contrast methods and find optimal microphone topologies, or theoretically to refine the existing algorithms.


During the three years directly prior to recruitment the candidate must have resided less than 12 months in Switzerland.


Applications must be received by the end of April 2012.

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